About Matt Frazier Design

My name is Matt Frazier. I wear several hats each day, but this site is here to showcase what I've done with both graphic and web design. I currently work full-time as a graphic designer and web designer at the University of Notre Dame. Previously, I've completed 800+ graphic design projects, launched 6 new websites, and currently manage 1,400+ web pages for this one client alone in the last three years.. all without drinking any coffee!
Don't worry. I still like Starbucks though.

Graphic Design

I tend to focus more on modern and clean designs. In most cases, I believe less is more. I have access to rainbow gradients.. but I promise I won’t use them.

Web Design

A lot of good, solid companies have lousy, dated websites. Some don’t even have websites at all! I’ll get you set up with the latest web trends and make sure that your company is represented well.

Brand & Identity

Need a logo? Time for a re-brand? I have you covered. I’ll walk you through the steps needed to make sure you’ll have a snazzy, new look. In most cases, this can be done in as little as a week.


“Who are we?”, “What do we do?”, “What’s our story?” You have questions. I’ll have answers. I may be young, but I’ve picked up a thing or two over the years.

"It’s the little details that are vital.
Little things make big things happen. "
Coach John Wooden

Show Me Your Face

This is my face... floating in the middle of this page for no reason whatsoever.


Some Fun Facts

Each completed project makes me even more hungry...
Hungry for more designs, more code, and at least some more Taco Bell.


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It's about time that I actually show my work. After all, that's the point of this site, right?
Check out my projects below. (More coming soon)

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